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2004 Chrysler Sebring Interior Space

Determine if any of the 13 trims of 2004 Chrysler Sebring is spacious enough for you

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2004 Chrysler Sebring Trims

LX 4dr Sedan

Exterior length - 190.7 in

This is a parameter of the car that determines its length from the edge of the front bumper to the edge of the rear bumper.

Exterior box length - no data

This is a value that shows the size of the bed of your pickup from its beginning (counting from the extreme point of the cab), to its tailgate.

Pickup box minimum width - no data

This is a dimension that indicates the size of the bed of your pickup from the left side to the right side.

Exterior body width - 70.6 in

This parameter is defined as the widest point of the car. Mirrors are not included.

Exterior height - 54.9 in

This is the height of the car, which is measured from the surface of the ground to the highest point of the roof.

Wheelbase - 108 in

This parameter shows the distance between the centers of the front wheels and the centers of the rear wheels of the car.

Curb weight - 3173 lb

This is the nominal weight of a vehicle with a standard (factory-fitted) equipment and a full tank of fuel.

Gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) - no data

This is the maximum total weight of your vehicle, including the weight of passengers, luggage and fuel.

Luggage volume - 16 specs_luggage_volume_unit

This parameter describes the total number of cubic feet of space in the vehicle cargo area.

Luggage volume (max) - 16 specs_luggage_volume_max__unit

This parameter indicates the total volume of the vehicle cargo space, including the folded rear row of seats (if there is a third row, too)

Passenger volume - 94 cu.ft.

This parameter describes the total amount of space available to passengers in both the front and rear seats.

Front legroom - 42.3 in

This parameter measures an angled path between the pedals and the back of the driver's seat.

Rear legroom - 38.1 in

This is the distance between the front and rear backrests.

Front headroom - 37.6 in

This is the measurement of the distance between the roof and the bottom of the front seat.

Rear headroom - 35.8 in

This is the measurement of the distance between the roof and the bottom of the rear seat.

LXi 4dr Sedan

Base 4dr Sedan

Touring 4dr Sedan

Limited 4dr Sedan

Base 2dr Coupe

Limited 2dr Coupe

LX 2dr Convertible

GTC 2dr Convertible

LXi 2dr Convertible

Limited 2dr Convertible

Base 2dr Convertible

Touring 2dr Convertible

How big is 2004 Chrysler Sebring inside?

Aftermarket versions may possibly have a bearing on your own interior, truck, tires, or the overall cargo. And anyway, drivers ought to discover the space you're dealing with. In which way can you learn it for your own 2004 Chrysler Sebring?

What in fact should you quantify? The auto space is undoubtedly a useful sign of how much space drivers can work with every time it concerns changes. It can easily yield drivers an ideal understanding of what would and wouldn't agree your personal automobile, along with what has to be executed to make particular amendments toil. Those drivers who prefer to figure out the interior space for the 2004 Chrysler Sebring, can easily locate it by rating the proportions of the inner entry way panels.

The truck space is an additional decent hint and also may possibly be regulated by opening the cargo compartment and identifying the largest points in the sector. The wheelbase will be also a fantastic dimension to take, as it will hand over you a notion of what positioning along with speeding space you own. An aautomobilist will find out the wheelbase by sizing up directly from the center of the forward wheels to the center of the backward wheels. All these 2004 Chrysler Sebring specialties are generally the solution to being conversant in your personal car.

Why do you have to have such interior space specialties? As we have previously stated, there are multiple spheres in which you would need the space of your vehicle, for the most part it has significance for non-genuine enhances and also wheeling practical experience. As an example, conceding that drivers choose to set up a sunroof, you will certainly be obliged to distinguish the proportions of the automobile's roofing system. Or even drivers are preparing for putting in an updated collection of seatings and you will be required to understand if they will belong the interior space and how much territory they can engage in.

In all of those incidents, the most painless tactic to discern the space of your own yearmake model is to check up on our serviceable records. They consist of the complete scope of necessitated details.


Adding a roof rack to your Chrysler Sebring is the most effective technique to increase its storage capacity.

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